The Arts & Crafts period: Now and Then, a reflection of craftsmanship and simplicity in design

The Arts and Crafts Movement: woodworking designs then...and now

The Arts & Crafts Movement: simplicity in design lives on....this ipad stand reflects the three tenants of the Arts and Crafts movement circa 1890-1920 in America: quality, durability & function.  Quality, becuase it's of the finest materials, custom designed for efficiency & simplicity.  Durable, because it is milled out of sturdy walnut.  Function, because with the simplicity of it's custom design, it also reflects that simplicity with it's functionality; one dado blade saw groove in the top allows for the secure upright stance of the ipad to weightlessly suspend.

That's a little version of your modern day clever craftsman TRYING to speak about things he is just scratching the surface to, as he uncovers lifes simplicity of custom design & the wastless function that oft comes from a well thought out and handcrafted plan........

That being said, here's Artisan and master cabinet designer, Walter Jaeger, telling you a little more in detail about the Arts & Crafts period...oh, and some pictures of modern day Arts & Crafts custom designed and individually handcrafted woodwork, and how they can effect the environment of your home.  This is the custom bedroom of the late Leory Moore, the saxaphone player for the Dave Matthews band in Charlottesville Va.  He truly had style and an appreciation for the finer attributes of woodwork and the reflection they can have on the interior of your home.....

 As part of a lifelong process, Artisans gather to explore
opportunities and challenges facing Craft as a livelihood. Specifically, we
gather to acquire new perspectives and materials with which to realize this
livelihood.  The contemporary process of
striving towards and achieving craft-based livelihood is a continuation of a
much longer and more difficult history. 
Over several years I examined the historical conditions of Artisans in
America, and in particular of those Artisans involved with what is known as “The
Arts and Crafts Movement.”  No period rivals
the Arts and Crafts Movement for its importance to the Artisans of today.  The legacy of this movement is nothing less
than the livelihood we each aspire to achieve through our craft.

Yet it was not until the sunset of the Industrial Revolution that this achievement became viable.  From the 1790’s to the late 19th century, the easily replicable, quickly produced factory mindset ruled the day.  The Industrial Revolution fostered the belief that individual craftsman & Artisans were unnecessary and irrelevant in an industrialized society where production of objects is provided cheaply and more efficiently from factories.  Emerging in response, the Arts and Crafts Movement developed in the 1880’s and continued until the 1920’s. 

some examples of the custom woodworking and design that can come out of the 41 years of excellence, service and tradition that comes with being in the woodworking industry for over 40 years and running.  
Sorry Father, but I just had to put some of your beautiful woodwork and design on the web for other's to view what you have been able to accomplish over 41yrs of designing and building custom kitchens and fine furniture.